If you’re suffering from a flaking scalp as well as scaling patches on your eyebrows, the edges of your eyelid, the crevices of your nose and elsewhere, you may be suffering from Seborrheic Dermatitis, also known as eczema. It can be caused by an overproduction of yeast. Dermatologists treat it with medicated shampoos, steroids or tar creams that may cause irritation; we believe in a more natural, complementary approach.

Keeping the scalp well keeps the skin well

By addressing exposure to environmental elements that cause oxidation, you can also reduce resistance to yeast and help calm eczema-related symptoms.

  • Normalize scalp exfoliation to prevent flaking and dryness
  • Help prevent itching and relieve redness
  • Build an antioxidant barrier against free radicals that cause oxidation with a natural wellness treatment infused with a patented, nature-identical vitamin C complex, niacin and biotin; no harsh ingredients or drugs that can cause side effects
  • Soothe skin from head to toe to feel clean and refreshed
  • Gently acidify the natural pH balance of the scalp
  • Encourage a healthier scalp with a wellness kit containing a therapeutic shampoo and nutrient-rich conditioner plus weekly treatments; safe for children and even babies.

If you have eczema, a natural solution may help alleviate the symptoms like flaking and calm your scalp and skin.

Wear black again without worry

A natural approach to eczema is a healthier approach. It starts with addressing the symptoms associated with severe scalp conditions and ends with you, happier!

Check out this stellar step-by-step "how-to" video of the Malibu C Wellness Solution to a healthy scalp!

All Malibu C products are 100% vegan and gluten-free. Read more!


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