I'm writing to express my sincere appreciation for the positive effects of using your products.

First of all, I am thrilled to report that for the first time in thirty years I have a healthy scalp, no itching and no hint of dandruff. Over the years, I have used probably six or eight other products for dandruff with minimal success, so it is really an unexpected pleasure to find a gentle, richly textured and pleasant to use shampoo and conditioner that absolutely takes care of the problem. Result: Imagine that...no dandruff...wow!!

Equally impressively, I am also enjoying the use of the skin care by Malibu C - it's hugely helpful to me because I regularly have to deal with sensitive skin, dry patches of flaking around my nose, and razor burn/skin rash from shaving.

In response to dry skin and skin irritation, I have used an array of expensive and ineffective cosmetic creams in an attempt to soothe and cover over skin irritation, blend blotchy skin tones, and moisturize the overly dry and irritated patches of skin on my face, but without satisfaction - my attempted solutions didn't look good or work very well, but it was the best that I thought I could do.

So, the great and unexpected outcome is that the regular use of the Zinc C Serum followed up with the Wrinkle-Less Moisturizer has allowed me to break the cycle and enjoy the positive effects of healthy and vibrant looking skin. Result: Anyone who suffers from dry skin and/or razor burn will simply have to try this combination to be able to believe the positive results - it is that impressive.

Thank you!