While at a salon, I questioned the stylist for a product that would work for a spring fed lake and well water. All three of my granddaughters (4, 5 and 7) are blondes and live with me. Over the past few months their hair (and mine) has been very hard to comb and appear flat and dull. The morning tears and fights over hair combing were bringing me to my wits end. The stylist suggested I try Malibu C products. I chose the Hard Water Wellness system. It has taken a few weeks but the noticeable results are amazing. And no more tears during the comb-outs. To sum it up, the product works and I am more than satisfied with the results. There are no false claims and one you use it for a few weeks, you will be hooked. Just take a photo of your hair now. In about three weeks, take another photo. Not only will it look different, it will feel different. My oldest granddaughter who is 7, refuses to use the old children's no tear type product now. She gets so many compliments, and loves the attention. Bottom line, all four of us use the product faithfully.