I have used all of the products in the Malibu C Professional line numerous times. I have a friend whose highlights were almost invisible due to using city water. We shampooed her hair with Malibu C Un-Do-Goo, then did a Hard Water Wellness Remedy followed by Miracle Repair and it looked like she just got fresh highlights! Who knew her hair was coated with so much gunk!! I used Color Prepare on a highlight client and her hair processed in 15 minutes and the color was stunning (the usual time is 30-45 minutes)! I used CPR on a color client who had gone from beautiful blonde to black and trying to achieve blonde again. Her hair was spotty and very visible banding was present. CPR followed by Miracle Repair gave us a "clean slate" with her hair intact and perfect condition. A client with year-old blue (Manic Panic) could not get the blue out, but with DDL, in 10 minutes she was back to blonde! Her hair was in perfect condition, as well. I have very yucky water at home. I poured a glass of water in a cup and could see minerals floating minutes later. I sprinkle Vitamin C Inside/Out into the cup and there were no floaties and it tasted like bottled water. AMAZING!