Last fall I got back into the pool after many years away. I lap swim for a minimum of an hour, five days a week. I have very long, naturally medium blonde hair which I bleach to lighten. The water quality where I live is bad, as well as the water in the pool ( I have a water softening system at home) After using my normal high quality salon hair care for the first couple of months back in the pool, to my horror, I wound up with a "chemical haircut." Literally half of my entire head of hair was gone. It happened so fast, my hair was gone by the time I noticed. My hairdresser said I needed Malibu C Swimmers Wellness products and Miracle Repair. Now my hair is growing back and no longer feels like dry ramen noodles after washing and drying. The Swimmers Wellness Shampoo is also fabulous as a body wash as it removes the chlorine smell from my body and heals my skin. Now I can focus on preparing for the Masters without worrying about hair drama!