I was recently tasked with removing Pravana Vivids in teal ombre from a fellow stylist's level 8 bc Natural level 8A. The goal was to remove as much teal as possible without lightener. I started off with two shampoos using our salon brand clarifying shampoo and hot water. After a thorough rinse, I went used Malibu C Crystal Gel remedy under the dryer for thirty minutes and shampooed again. Feeling confident that I had done all I could to remove any buildup of products or minerals, I began Pravana Color Remove process. Although the manufacturer's instructions say it will not remove the Vivids, it did a heck of a job I believe, because Crystal Gel was used first. Now I have removed, in my opinion, all the color that was going to come out. Now it was time for some creative formulating. Now every colorist knows that had I used lightener to remove the color, the chances of the next couple of steps being accepted and held through more than two shampoos was slim to none. So now it was time for Malibu C Color Prepare. Once that was done, it was simple. Put red booster and 10 volume on any residual green and used a 9c to fill the rest of the hair. After fillers were shampooed and rinsed, I applied Pravana Vivids Orange. We are now almost ten days or five shampoos later and her color is beautiful with minimal to no fading. And that's a big deal for Pravana Vivids. This color correction would not have worked so beautifully if not for Malibu C products. I can't wait to try Malibu C Quick Fix, CPR, Malibu Blondes, Miracle Repair and the rest of the Malibu C collection.