"I love your Malibu C hair care products. They are the best I've ever used! It's the only way to have a "good hair day."

Recently I purchased your shampoo and conditioner for well water (which I have). I cannot believe the results - my hair is more manageable - not weighted down - and the most amazing thing is this - NO STATIC!! Living in New York with the cold weather and having forced air heat running all the time leaves my hair full of static and either sticking to my face or flying around in the air. Since using the Malibu C shampoo and conditioner for well water - not one strand of static!! I love it! Now I use both. My hair and I are happy!! Oh - and p.s. - the Volumizing Thick-In Styling Gel is wonderful, too! My scalp doesn't break out - and it doesn't weigh down my hair. Beauticians can't even believe that there is gel in my hair!

Thanks again! PLEASE keep up the good work! Don't change a thing!!!!!"