When I moved to a house in Maine with a well and septic, I was a little shocked to find that the water smelled vaguely like sulfur. I also found that fixtures were somewhat mineralized. I was concerned about drinking it but didn't much about the rest of it. Imagine my distress when I realized that my white clothes had gradually become rust-colored. Imagine my horror when I realized that my naturally white hair had become orange! I tried every salon product around that promised to reverse the effects of iron on hair, to no avail. Finally my hair stylist brought me a bottle of Malibu Well Water Action (the original name of Hard Water Wellness) for me to try along with dozens of packets of the Hard Water treatment. Within two weeks, improvement was obvious, and within three months, my hair was white again. Since then, during the last eleven years of using the Hard Water Wellness products, I have never had orange hair again! I have converted my sister (a Master's competitive swimmer) to Malibu C Swimmers Wellness products, while both of us use the Scalp Wellness at intervals for occasional dry scalp. I recommend Malibu C products unreservedly. This is a fabulous product line, and I get fabulous comments on my hair all the time.